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Love N Quarantine, trailer

Love N Quarantine, trailer

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"The Evil Down the Street", is available to watch "FREE" on IMDb TV;, Tubi TV; & Amazon Prime  (Prime Video outside the US); Synopsis; a family of four moves into their dream home having no idea their new home is possessed by a demon. A Paranormal Horror Thriller inspired by True Events.

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THE CRUMBS                               RELEASED

"The Crumbs", has been released and available "FREE" on Amazon Prime (Prime Video outside the US); Synopsis; Dr. Benjamin and his family run a Bed and Breakfast in the woods whereby the family performs experiments on unsuspecting guests.


DEMON FIGHTER                       RELEASED

Our feature film, "Demon Fighter", is now released and available on Amazon Prime. A Kung Fu master who becomes a Jesuit priest ordained as an exorcist fights demons in the street and in the souls of the possessed. Actor and Bok Fu Do Master Black Belt, John Ozuna, plays the lead male role character of Father Mike. Our paranormal horror thriller is inspired by Historical Events.


LOVE N QUARANTINE                         RELEASED

Ben & Caroline Marshall have been married for years. Thrust into quarantine, their love gets put to the test. Available "FREE" on Tubi TV; (also available on Amazon Prime).

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Our story...

Creative Renegade Artists, a.k.a. CRA Entertainment, Inc. is an independent film production company that's dedicated to producing the highest quality in film entertainment. Our mission is to entertain, inform and enlighten.
CRA was founded in 2013. Craig Ahrens, Co-Managing Partner. Craig's an Award Winning Filmmaker and SAG-AFTRA Actor. As a Filmmaker, he has received Awards from various Independent Film Festivals. Craig came into the entertainment world later in life after enjoying a successful career in the lending industry. David Espinosa, Co-Managing Partner. David is a SAG-AFTRA Actor and a graduate of the Law School at Santa Clara University (1984) and UCLA'S TFTA Department. He has screen, television and stage credits. David has written, produced, directed and acted in a variety of works including, “Painting”, “Fortune Dane”, “True Believers”, “Dead Man’s Walk” and others. David is a driving force within CRA and is the point person for all legal affairs. Shane Maus, Associate Partner. Shane has been a member of our team for a few years. He possesses a skill set both behind and in front of the camera. Shane’s a camera operator, actor and model. He’s also a talented graphic designer and a valuable asset to our CRA Team.

Our Vision

The goal we all share and the goal from the beginning. Is to create quality film content that's enjoyed by others. Film content that can stand the test of time and be enjoyed by generations to come... "Believe."

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